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The Royal Treatment

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Our team personally understands the stress involved with planning a special event. It can be exhausting working out the details that most people will never know about. Our job is to help you relax and enjoy your event as it is executed with ease. Our strength is anticipating every potential mishap and preparing for contingency plans that will solve every problem. With this service, you can experience the peace of mind that is found in expert event management.

Event coordination is our passion. With decades of practical experience and extensive training, we have seen common and uncommon mistakes. Our staff is prepared for anything that may happen on your big day. Our goal is to dramatically reduce any anxiety you may be feeling, while providing the atmosphere that you deserve. Find out more about The Royal Treatment by contacting us for a quote today!

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Everyone wants to be treated like royalty, even if only for one day. At ORB’s Royal Treatment, we recognize this human desire and provide the best in event planning and preparation. With decades of planning experience, we specialize in high quality experiences from start to finish. Our team will deliver class, elegance, and professional quality at every function. Our royal delivery will exceed your royal expectations.


Office: 301-346-2884


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