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Our team can plan professional business events with a friendly personal touch. We take great effort to craft the right plan for your industry. Whether your event requires a laid back atmosphere or a meticulous high-class touch, ORB’s is the premier choice for your business.


The Royal Treatment is the ORB’s commitment to every project that we accept. We will consistently provide: 1. Concierge Atmosphere 2. Peace of Mind 3. Integrity These priceless benefits will make your event a seamless, unforgettable experience that will exceed your highest expectations.


When your event preference is a loose, fun atmosphere, ORB’s Royal Treatment is more than capable of providing light-hearted entertaining fun that entertains your guests. Celebrating your special occasion should be filled with laughter, not worry about details. Let our team put the fun back into your event with our Royal Treatment.


Whether you are planning a convention, conference, retreat or special event, Orb’s Royal Treatment is committed to providing exceptional service that will exceed your expectations.


ORB’s Royal Treatment has extensive experience with managing large family functions. We will set up high-end functions that will release you to enjoy your family experience. Whether you are stressed out by the planning or unsure of your event options, our team will give your family event the concierge experience.


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Horror stories about ceremony malfunctions haunt brides and grooms long after their big day. ORB’s Royal Treatment will eliminate that danger by running your event from the initial brainstorming session to your reception send-off. Don’t miss the opportunity to prevent a wedding nightmare with our dream wedding package.


Office: 301-346-2884


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